The Office

National Work

Founded in 1979 by José Ornelas, the office has been seconded from the start by working in highly complex cases involving large companies of Minas Gerais.

From the beginning, the goal has always been the provision of excellence in advocacy and legal consulting business, with fast and personalized service.

It has a highly skilled professionals that work in line with consultants in complementary areas, in a pattern that is compatible with the requirements of the market.

International Expertise

Our office has always maintained a close relationship with Portuguese companies with subsidiaries and / or business in Brazil.

Recently, the international profile of the bank it was noted, due to the association office Noronha Advogados, single office based in emerging countries to have a truly global activity, provided with own subsidiaries on 4 continents, in major cities like London, Shanghai, Portugal and Miami.

Through this association, the firm has represented a renowned bank in Minas Gerais, is benefiting from all the international expertise that, and contributing to the valuable experience and training of its professionals.